British Used Caste as a Primary Weapon to Divide and Rule India

Divide and rule! This was the mantra adopted by the British to break India. It was then that the British decided that creating wide difference in the society by dividing the people on the basis of caste and religion. Which went a long way in breaking the very base of our country. They used Indians against Indians on the basis of caste, kingdom hood, and religion to firmly establish their supremacy. There was no caste system in India, but categorization of profession/work into seven types. This categorization of work was depicted as "caste". 

"Caste was the primary weapon and fault line the British used to Devide and Rule India for over 200 years. They did it with a vengeance and after 1857 uprising. In 1872 Sir John Risely held the first cate based census in India. He said as long as there is a caste, there will be no India. After Independence our politicians surpassed the Brits in using caste for Political mobilisation. Caste would have withered and died away due to industriasation and urbanisation but our politicians kept it alive. They deepened the caste identities to deepen them at a cost of the idea of India has gone."   

This "divide and rule" policy of the British on the basis of caste and religion triggered the existence of various caste conflicts in the Indian society. The British left India. But their policy, now ingrained deep in the Indian society, continue to further break India. The seeds they have sown have yielded into big trees and bearing the fruits! The fruits breaking the country’s very backbone! It is time the sons and daughters of the soil rub their eyes to draw example from our rich past where no caste system existed. It is time India awakes from her deep slumber before it is already too late.


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