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Leonardo DiCaprio Still Refuses To Talk About Why Jack Couldn’t Fit On The Door In Titanic

JULY 17, 2019

Maybe we’re being too passionate, but it seems like literally everyone has an opinion about whether or not Jack really could have fit on the door with Rose at the end of Titanic. Someone always manages to bring it up at social gatherings, and we’re always forced to relive that tragic ending and cope with the fact that…Rose could have absolutely shared that dang piece of wood with Jack. And yet, she didn’t. And spoiler alert: Jack dies. The fact that Rose didn’t just *move over* cripples us with anger to this day.


Most of us have come to terms with the likelihood that we will never get closure from director James Cameron or actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on the matter; however, DiCaprio almostbroke his decades-long silence on the matter.

During an interview with MTV News, DiCaprio was asked to provide his opinion on what the interviewer called “the biggest movie controversy of all time.” Could Jack really have fit next to Rose on the door? His Once Upon a Time In Hollywood-costar Margot Robbie gasped with woe, remembering the sad scene.

“That is the biggest controversy, I think, in modern cinema,” Robbie agreed. DiCaprio added, “Ever.” No kidding, Leo! “I have no comment,” DiCaprio smugly replied.

What kind of guy can be your future husband, or soulmate? Well, apparently everyone looks perfect during the initial days of the month. But the real struggle is seen when they actually show you their real self. So girls please make sure, to find a partner who doesn't have these habits. Which could be a real problem in your near future.

Relationship are based on loyalty and trust. If the person hardly believes you, or doubts you every now and then. This is the first sign to act on your move.


A man would never purposely pick fight without any valid reason. He would try to solve things but will never likely to pick up fight.

A women needs her man to give her full attention, if he fails to provide her with his full support and time. Then say bye bye to well known soulmate.

Women loves detail work, whether in dress or in personal equation. If your man is ignoring your conversation besides constantly trying to keep his attention on different things than better to move on.

Clingy man is somehow a bad taste for every women. A girl would never like a man to expose their privacy with their clingy habit.




·      The Indian Army is facing an acute deficiency of ammunition and spares. Almost 60-70 % of the army’s inventory is out-of-date and unserviceable due to lack of spares for repair, maintenance, and overhaul.

·      According to an internal audit - the Army is facing a critical shortage of artillery ammunition, tanks shells, fuses, and spares for all types of weapons.

·      The Indian Army’s Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv, which is the lifeline that supports the troops at heights above 20,000 feet and minus 50 degrees temperature in Siachen glacier – are themselves in trouble due to non-availability of spares. This is because HAL can produce only 10 % of the required spare

These are just a few symptoms of a bigger problem faced by the Indian Armed Forces. But instead of admitting the problem – the Army Base Workshops which repair, maintain and overhaul the Army’s vehicle, weapons, radars, helicopters, night-vision devices, and other electronic equipment are being ruthlessly truncated and revamped as suggested by the Lt Gen Shekatkar Committee under the "GOCO” (Government-Owned Contractor-Operated) scheme.

The Committee of Experts was mandated to scrutinize all organizations and every person paid out of the defense budget and find ways to cut down manpower by bringing in the private sector. This was the logic behind the "GOCO” (Government-Owned Contractor-Operated) scheme.

Towards this end, the Lt Gen Shekatkar Committee recommended shutting down all the eight Army base workshops (ABWs) – the jewels in the Corps of Electronic & Medical Engineers’ (EME) and Indian Army’s crown – which will cease to exist in their present form by this year-end. Though some of these establishments may be shut down permanently, the rest will be handed over– as a free gift under the government-owned contractor operated (GOCO) model.

Though MoD officials claim to be acting on the basis of the recommendations of Shekatkar committee report, the said report is not being shared with the public, resulting in doubts about the exact number of Army Base Workshops proposed to be shut down or privatized.    

Some defense analysts maintain that initially the Ministry of Defence (MoD), was planning to restructure just two army advanced base workshops, one static workshop, three ordnance depots, and four army base workshops (ABWs). These included the 506 Army Base Workshop (Jabalpur), 508 Army Base Workshop (Allahabad), 510 Army Base Workshop (Meerut) and 512 Army Base Workshop (Kirkee).

Subsequently 505 Army Base Workshops (Delhi), 507 Army Base Workshops (Kankinara), 509 Army Base Workshops (Agra) and 515 Army Base Workshops (Bengaluru) will be corporatized in the second phase. Other establishments on the chopping board include two Advanced Base Workshops at Narangi (Guwahati) and Udhampur (J&K); ordinance depot in Shakurbasti (Delhi), static workshop (Delhi), Central Ordnance Depot in Chheoki (UP) and Vehicle depot in Panagarh (WB).  

This was as per a MoD communique which read, “The government will provide land, infrastructure, plant and machinery, equipment system support, oversight and facilitate the contractor... The contractor operates and utilizes the facilities available, manages all types of work and is also responsible to get required licenses’, certifications and accreditations to deliver mutually agreed targets and maintains the plant machinery and services integral to the venture.”

The content leaked-so-far, doesn’t explain why the command and control of the 8 Army Base Workshops need to be handed-over to Defense PSUs and private sector companies in the first place? Also, what is the rationale behind not asking the private sector companies to pay a single rupee for the land, plant, tools or machinery? Significantly the Army Base Workshops have hundreds of acres of land, in prime locations all over the country. Why is it being ‘offered’ to the civilian management in the private sector on the platter as a ‘free gift’?

“The above decisions have been taken in the overall interest of the Army and the Nation,” Minister of State for Defense Dr. Subhash Bhamre wrote to Kodikunnil Suresh, (MP, Lok Sabha) in a written reply. “How would shutting down depots and workshops or handing over businesses to private sector affect the national interest in the long run,” an All India Defence Employees’ Federation (AIDEF) office bearer was quoted as saying.

According to a senior EME officer, all this is a sort of game being played by MoD to clip the wings of EME and place the 8 Army base workshops (ABWs) under the control of MoD as the civilian defense officers may be easier to manipulate than the Army Officers. This is exactly what happened in case of Military Farms – where everything from imported cows and huge lands is now being made to dance on the tips of bureaucrats in MoD.

While the Lt. Gen. Shekatkar Committee projected a saving of Rs 25,000 Crore over the next five years – the Government of India found only 65 of its 188 recommendations fit to be implemented. This clearly shows how the babus in the MoD only wish to see or hear what they like and what they don’t – is not worth knowing. Another pointer towards this is how even before the Shekatkar Committee submitted its report in Dec 2016, MoD officials had already started looking for PSUs and Civilian Companies to run the Army Base Workshops.

As per the saying, “more you sweat in peace, less you bleed in war” –the Army needs all its weapons and equipment in perfect working condition during day or night in war or peace. The ABWs help to maintain a powerful, mobile and combat-ready Army. The Army needs someone to not only repair the old or defective weapons and equipment – but also pick up a gun and fight like a soldier. This is the importance of EME and the ABWs in any ‘techno-mobile’ battlefield today or in the future.

The Army simply cannot do without the Army base workshops which repair things as soon as the defect is detected and maintain it there and then to ensure that there is no brake-down. This is the importance of the Army Base Workshops which repair, mend, modify and maintain the old, worn-out, unserviceable or unusable equipment – from a needle to tank, radar or helicopter and bring them back to life by periodic overhauling. This is also the concept behind "Zero Hour, Zero Kilometre-Restoration," which means stripping and reassembling all the nut-bolts to give new life to the old weapon system—to make it usable for a few more years.

 “This is the difference … the teeth you are born with last mostly till the end, but a denture may not last so long. Similarly, no artificial device can support our body structure like the backbone. You can’t compare an original with an artificial”, said a former EME officer. This is precisely the reason why the Army, hasn’t even depended upon the ordnance factories to take care of weapons and equipment.

The problem here is not lack of human effort or inefficient working style but untimely availability and inadequate quantity or quality of spares. Till that happens; can even the privately held companies run the ABWs efficiently and effectively– without any transfer of technology or production, as well as appropriate and adequate quantity of spares in their pocket or stores – from day one?

Do the PSUs or Private Companies have the expertise or experience of running the ABWs?  Will the private companies be able to give better results– without any transfer of technology or production of appropriate or adequate spares– from day one? This is something that concerns both India and the Indian Army. Hence, we cannot dismiss the whole affair lightly.

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Divide and rule! This was the mantra adopted by the British to break India. It was then that the British decided that creating wide difference in the society by dividing the people on the basis of caste and religion. Which went a long way in breaking the very base of our country. They used Indians against Indians on the basis of caste, kingdom hood, and religion to firmly establish their supremacy. There was no caste system in India, but categorization of profession/work into seven types. This categorization of work was depicted as "caste". 

"Caste was the primary weapon and fault line the British used to Devide and Rule India for over 200 years. They did it with a vengeance and after 1857 uprising. In 1872 Sir John Risely held the first cate based census in India. He said as long as there is a caste, there will be no India. After Independence our politicians surpassed the Brits in using caste for Political mobilisation. Caste would have withered and died away due to industriasation and urbanisation but our politicians kept it alive. They deepened the caste identities to deepen them at a cost of the idea of India has gone."   

This "divide and rule" policy of the British on the basis of caste and religion triggered the existence of various caste conflicts in the Indian society. The British left India. But their policy, now ingrained deep in the Indian society, continue to further break India. The seeds they have sown have yielded into big trees and bearing the fruits! The fruits breaking the country’s very backbone! It is time the sons and daughters of the soil rub their eyes to draw example from our rich past where no caste system existed. It is time India awakes from her deep slumber before it is already too late.

I believe that positive kids become positive adults and as parents we can play a significant role in shaping our children’s perspective and mindset. In this spirit I want to share with you several tips to develop positive kids.

1. Success of the Day - Each night before bed, at dinner or while taking an after dinner walk ask your children their success of the day. The success could be a great conversation, an accomplishment at school, something they are proud of, a situation where they helped someone, etc. The important thing is to help them focus on accomplishments instead of failures. When we help our children expect success, look for success, and celebrate success they find more success and gain more confidence. Of course they need to learn from their mistakes and failures, but let’s help them to not dwell on them.

2. Bedtime Prayer - A ritual such as this provides your children with a foundation of peace, security, and confidence that gives them the strength to take on the daily challenges of being a child.

3. Implement the No Complaining Rule - It’s a simple rule that says you’re not allowed to complain unless you identify one or two possible solutions to your complaint. This empowers children to become a driver of their bus instead of being a passenger griping on the bus. They also learn to use complaints as a catalyst for positive change and positive action.

4. Teach them the Positive Shark Formula, E + P = 0 This is from book, The Shark and The Goldfish, which is a story about a nice and positive shark who teaches Gordy the goldfish how to overcome his fear of change and find food. After all, Goldfish wait to be fed. Sharks go find food. The formula reveals that we can’t control the (E ) Events in our life. But we can control our (P) Positive Response to these events and our response determines the (O) outcome. This formula helps children develop a strong locus of control which is a perspective that through their beliefs and actions they have an influence on their life. They come to believe that they are not a victim of circumstance but rather a hero in their own inspirational tale and that they can turn their challenges into opportunities and transform bad events into good outcomes. This helps them stay optimistic and believe that their best days are ahead of them, not behind them.

5. Feel Blessed instead of Stressed - As parents we need to realize that children, like adults, deal with a lot of stress...and stress is the enemy of positivity. Well, the great news is that when you are feeling blessed you can’t be stressed. The research says we can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time. Thus, a simple ritual is to help your children identify 3 things they are thankful for each day. You can create a gratitude journal together or you can encourage them to write these blessings on their blog, diary or simply talk about them at dinner. And anytime they are feeling stressed you can encourage them to recall something they are thankful for.

I encourage you to think of your child’s mind like a garden. Each day you want to help them weed their negative thoughts and plant positive thoughts. One day of weeding and planting won’t do much. However if you practice these strategies each day, over a week, a month, a year, a lifetime, the garden grows more healthy and vibrant. Nurture your child. Take time to coach them and nourish them with lots of love and positive energy and you shall see the fruits of your efforts.

Stay Positive,

The concept of non-violence originated from the land of Bihar

Home of oldest Hindu temple

The name Bihar is derived from the Sanskrit and Pali word, Vihara which means "abode"

Bihar is the birthplace of tenth Guru that is Guru Gobind Singh and the holy place of Sikhs is Harmandir Takht which is in Patna.

Most of the Bihari people are considered highly intellectual in Mathematics.

Center of trade and culture. Magadha, Vaishali, Mithila/Videha, Anga, Sakyapradesh, Vijji, Janaka were the major kingdoms.

Epicenter of knowledge - Nalanda University

Unique Bihari accent

IAS producing factory

When it comes to food, mouth watering liiti chokha is enough to make your day.

Bihar plains are among the most fertile plains of the world.

The ancient city of Vaishali is considered to be the first republic in the world.

You will still land at your destination safely, even if you don't put up an facebook story of your boarding pass.

It is not always necessary to have an accent when you return from a foreign land in 40 days.

Throwing all your garbage in public is just not ok.

India is second largest English speaking country in the world

Only 3% of Indians pay income tax.

The first rocket in India was transported on a cycle.

Largest religious gathering on earth, Kumbh Mela.

The Tirupati Balaji temple and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple both, receive more visitors than the Vatican City and Mecca combined.

Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore has written the national anthems of both India and Bangladesh –Jan Gana Mana (India) and Amar Sonar Bangla (Bangladesh).

Despite budgetary constraints, India's space program is one of the top 5 space programs in the world

Chail in Himachal Pradesh is the highest cricket pitch in the world.

Water on Moon was discovered by Chandrayaan.

The four Kumaras, Narada, Ribhu, Hamsa, Aruni and Yati were all sons of Brahma who left home to live as naisthika­brahmacharis, life-long celibates. Adharma (Irreligion) was also born from Brahma, and he married Mrisha (Falsity), who happened to be his sister. They produced two demons named Dambha (Bluffing) and Maya (Cheating), who were then handed over to the demon Niriti, who had no children. From Dambha and Maya were born Lobha (Greed) and Nikriti (Cunning). In turn, from their combination came Krodha (Anger) and Himsa (Envy), and from their union came Kali and his sister Durukti (Harsh speech). By the combination of Kali and Durukti, Mrityu (Death) and Bhiti (Fear) were born. Then, from the union of these two was born Yatana (Excessive Pain) and Niraya (Hell). Altogether these offspring are considered to be the causes of devastation.


Svayambhuva Manu and Shatarupa had two sons, Priyavrata and Uttanapada. Although King Uttanapada had two queens, named Suniti and Suruchi, the latter was much dearer to him. Once, Uttanapada was patting Suruchi's son, Uttama as he sat upon his lap. Suniti's son, Dhruva was also trying to climb up onto Uttanapada's lap, but the king did not very much welcome him. The king was naturally inclined to treat both sons equally, but due to Suruchi's presence, he  acted in a way that would please her. Suruchi could understand this, and because she was very envious of her step-son, she took undue advantage of her husband's favoritism.


Displaying this feminine weakness, the proud Suruchi spoke so that both father and son could hear: "My dear Dhruva, you do not deserve to sit upon the throne, or the king's lap. Of course, you are also the king's son, but because you were not born from my womb, you are not qualified to sit upon your father's lap. You may be unaware of the distinction between your father's two queens, but let me assure you that your attempt is doomed to failure-. If you at all desire to sit upon the throne, you should first of all perform austerities to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Narayana. Then, after achieving His favor, you may get the opportunity of being born from my womb in your next life."


Just as a snake begins to breathe very heavily when struck by a stick, so Dhruva began breathing heavily due to great rage after being attacked by his stepmother's harsh words. Seeing how his father had remained silent, without making the slightest effort to protest on his behalf, Dhruva immediately left that place and went crying to his mother.

To be continued........

1. Being able to think about how we think is a sign of higher intelligence

2. Every Man has three characters - That which they exhibit, That which they have and That which they think they have

3. Dreamers tend to have more dreams and are more likely to remember them

4. Loving and imaginary or idealised image of person  is not the same as loving a person just the way they are.

5. Wrting down your dreams can help you formulate them more clearly

6. Compared to other senses, the sense of smell is most closly linked with memory

7. It takes people about 66 days to form a new habit.

8. Recalling facts is easier with your eyes closed.

9. The brain and the gut are closly connected which explains why some emotions, especially stress, affect the physiological function of the gut.

10. Speaking in a clam and quiet voice while arguing with someone will help you dominate your opponent.

11. People who are grateful are likly to be happier.

12. Speaking two languages can delay the onset of alzheimer's disease.

13. People who are in love behave similary to people suffering from mental disorder.

14. The most effective way to memorise things is to take a 10 minutes break fro every 30-50 minutes of learning.

16. The 5 most nightmare are- 

1. Falling

2. Being chased 

3. feeling trapped

4. being late

5. Suffering a death of a close family member.

17. People tend to make decision more quickly when they need to go to bathhroom

18. People tend to form strong emotional connection with the people they are singing with

19. If you spenf just 10 minutes of writing about your worries before an exam, chances are you will get a higher score.

20. Lack of sleep causes irritability and increases the risk of developing depression.

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