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Pan is useful for my business. I have make some of fishery products and expert to other countries. Shall i need to get pan card for my business? I am also doing some financial transactions for buying materials and tools for manufacturing. Did you know what are the products are getting expert license? My buisness and transactions are need to apply new pan card means tell me the great website for applying. I am ready to applying new one. Can anyone answer my question. My friend is also not getting pan card. he earning 50000 rs Monthly. I am waiting for your reply.

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Divide and rule! This was the mantra adopted by the British to break India. It was then that the British decided that creating wide difference in the society by dividing the people on the basis of caste and religion. Which went a long way in breaking the very base of our country. They used Indians against Indians on the basis of caste, kingdom hood, and religion to firmly establish their supremacy. There was no caste system in India, but categorization of profession/work into seven types. This categorization of work was depicted as "caste". 

"Caste was the primary weapon and fault line the British used to Devide and Rule India for over 200 years. They did it with a vengeance and after 1857 uprising. In 1872 Sir John Risely held the first cate based census in India. He said as long as there is a caste, there will be no India. After Independence our politicians surpassed the Brits in using caste for Political mobilisation. Caste would have withered and died away due to industriasation and urbanisation but our politicians kept it alive. They deepened the caste identities to deepen them at a cost of the idea of India has gone."   

This "divide and rule" policy of the British on the basis of caste and religion triggered the existence of various caste conflicts in the Indian society. The British left India. But their policy, now ingrained deep in the Indian society, continue to further break India. The seeds they have sown have yielded into big trees and bearing the fruits! The fruits breaking the country’s very backbone! It is time the sons and daughters of the soil rub their eyes to draw example from our rich past where no caste system existed. It is time India awakes from her deep slumber before it is already too late.

I believe that positive kids become positive adults and as parents we can play a significant role in shaping our children’s perspective and mindset. In this spirit I want to share with you several tips to develop positive kids.

1. Success of the Day - Each night before bed, at dinner or while taking an after dinner walk ask your children their success of the day. The success could be a great conversation, an accomplishment at school, something they are proud of, a situation where they helped someone, etc. The important thing is to help them focus on accomplishments instead of failures. When we help our children expect success, look for success, and celebrate success they find more success and gain more confidence. Of course they need to learn from their mistakes and failures, but let’s help them to not dwell on them.

2. Bedtime Prayer - A ritual such as this provides your children with a foundation of peace, security, and confidence that gives them the strength to take on the daily challenges of being a child.

3. Implement the No Complaining Rule - It’s a simple rule that says you’re not allowed to complain unless you identify one or two possible solutions to your complaint. This empowers children to become a driver of their bus instead of being a passenger griping on the bus. They also learn to use complaints as a catalyst for positive change and positive action.

4. Teach them the Positive Shark Formula, E + P = 0 This is from book, The Shark and The Goldfish, which is a story about a nice and positive shark who teaches Gordy the goldfish how to overcome his fear of change and find food. After all, Goldfish wait to be fed. Sharks go find food. The formula reveals that we can’t control the (E ) Events in our life. But we can control our (P) Positive Response to these events and our response determines the (O) outcome. This formula helps children develop a strong locus of control which is a perspective that through their beliefs and actions they have an influence on their life. They come to believe that they are not a victim of circumstance but rather a hero in their own inspirational tale and that they can turn their challenges into opportunities and transform bad events into good outcomes. This helps them stay optimistic and believe that their best days are ahead of them, not behind them.

5. Feel Blessed instead of Stressed - As parents we need to realize that children, like adults, deal with a lot of stress...and stress is the enemy of positivity. Well, the great news is that when you are feeling blessed you can’t be stressed. The research says we can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time. Thus, a simple ritual is to help your children identify 3 things they are thankful for each day. You can create a gratitude journal together or you can encourage them to write these blessings on their blog, diary or simply talk about them at dinner. And anytime they are feeling stressed you can encourage them to recall something they are thankful for.

I encourage you to think of your child’s mind like a garden. Each day you want to help them weed their negative thoughts and plant positive thoughts. One day of weeding and planting won’t do much. However if you practice these strategies each day, over a week, a month, a year, a lifetime, the garden grows more healthy and vibrant. Nurture your child. Take time to coach them and nourish them with lots of love and positive energy and you shall see the fruits of your efforts.

Stay Positive,

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