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I passed this school with a great experience. The school has had its own history. It was established in 1901 and without a doubt it is one of the best schools in India during my school life. The life at Birla School Pilani can't be described in words and as per my experience and from some friends you get a full life experience package from that hostel and school.

During school days we will enjoyed best of friendship, food, sports & certainly this experience will make you much more ready for life after school.

The life at Birla School teaches you about being more social, being a sportsman, being a gentleman and of course the study that is awesome but that totally depends upon you because you can study if only you want.

The faculty is one of the best that you gone have in your lifetime and you will be amazed how a family like situation is formed between the students and teachers.

I want to find the list of “undisclosed recipients” of the email I’ve received. Is there a way?

No. You can not. Undisclosed means just that. You can't see them because they're not disclosed. The email was sent to BCC (blind carbon copy) addresses.

BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

BCC simply sends the email to someone without their name being on the email at all. That’s what "blind" is all about: you can’t see that they’ve been sent the email. In fact, recipients of the email can’t tell whether anyone was BCC’ed or not. The information simply isn’t included in the email message.


Mailboxes Undisclosed recipients

Normally, BCC is intended to be used in addition to whomever is addressed on the “To:” or “Cc:” lines, but that’s not a requirement. It is quite possible to send an email message with only BCC’ed recipients. As a result, there’s nothing to place into the “To:” or “Cc:” lines.

  • Mother to Johnny: “how was your exam, is all questions difficult?”
    Johnny: “No mom, all the questions were simple, It was the answers which gave me all the trouble”!

Latest Windows systems may slow down from time to time. That may be due to the fact that Windows search and indexing function kicks in all of a sudden and temporarily slows the system down. If you do not use Windows search and indexing to your benefit, then you may turn them off. Go to System drive, usually C:, and right-click it and select Properties. On the window that opens, you will see Search and Indexing the drive and also compressing the drive. You may uncheck the checkboxes and apply the changes. If Windows complains it cannot do your request, you may click Ignore/Ignore all.

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